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Virtual STEAM Summer camp 

Summer camp Overview

Dandan Performing Arts Center summer STEAM camps are designed for each child to receive a well-rounded, fun, transformative and educational experience through programs such as arts, crafts, dance, music, fitness, STEM, and public safety. The program's goals are to encourage creativity, build self-esteem, foster connections and build confidence;  encourage a growth mindset and re-discover and engage the world. 

The activities range from team building to learning science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). It will provide opportunities to develop life skills, and while challenging the more advanced students to improve their own skills set. We value diversity and foster inclusiveness. 


  • Open to students entering Grades 2nd - 5th

  • Variety of themes to explore a favorite subject and learn something new!

  • Faculty of professional artists, educators, and afterschool staff. 

  • Small teachers to student ratio 

  • Relaxing, safe and fun environment

  • Opportunities to work independently and collaborate with friends

  • End of Camp exhibitions and performances

  • Hybrid opportunities to check in with peers while observing social distancing

  • Field-trips may be included.

Session Dates

  • June 14th - 25th "Let's shake it"

  • July 5th - 16th "Let's go make stuff"

  • July 19th - July 30th  "Let's LEARN-A-LOT"

  • August 2nd - August 13th "Let's explore and discover"

  • August 16th- August 27th "Let's COUNT"

Virtual Summer Camp Prices

  • All Day, 1-Week Camp: $250 + $50 material fee​​

    • Material fee includes ukulele rental, arts and crafts material and science experiment items.

  • All Day, 2-Week Camp: $400 + $50 material fee ​​

    • Material fee includes ukulele rental, arts and crafts material and science experiment items.

General Camp Information

  • Ages: Campers must be entering grades indicated.

  • Camp Size: Maximum of 10 children per camp (unless otherwise noted).

  • Dress: Please wear clothes appropriate for making art.

Class Information

  • Ukulele Class: This program is to introduce basic concepts of ukulele and will provide students with an equal access to learn the ukulele. Basic strumming patterns, rhythms, reading music including tablature, chords and standard notation, improvising, and singing while playing ukulele will be emphasized.  Students will be able to “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, “I’m Yours”, “Harry Potter Theme Song” and so much more.

  • Coding: Coding is the perfect way to sharpen your child's STEM skills while bonding with their new friends. Your child is able to unlock their creativity by doing these exciting projects through programming such as Minecraft, Roblox and Scratch. This class includes peer collaboration, socialization, self-paced project per day with games. 

  • Career Exploration: The art of the possible. Let’s learn what each career is really about! What does a scientist do in the laboratory? Is it a dangerous job? Is a graphic designer good at drawing? What will they need to learn to become a graphic designer? Let's explore what you like to do and see what great opportunity lies ahead. 

  • Journalism: Following the footsteps of people we see every day, our students will create their own news reports and deliver them to your screens! This short class will go over the basics of storytelling supported by facts and comfortability of presenting them in front of a camera. Students will learn how to research and gather information, narrate them in a precise manor, and at the end of the two weeks, their work will be shown in their own short-form newscast!

  • Arts and Crafts: The class is designed for the children who would like to explore the beauty of art. During these two weeks, children will be able to learn drawing, acrylic, oil painting, Chinese ink, color painting and crafting. They will learn it by step-by-step instructions and will be able to accomplish their own masterpiece. Furthermore, each child will be able to understand light art theory and history background for each artist, which makes the course more comprehensive and integrated. 

  • Dance: Express yourself in breakdance moves that you can learn. This dance class is perfect for beginners because routines and drills are slowed down. All major components of breakdancing including footwork, ground moves and freezes are taught. Students will develop balance and coordination, improve rhythm and musicality, and perform each moves with style and personality. Students will be able to do full breaking sets and have a clear understanding of what this dance is about.

  • Spoken Word: Spoken Word opens students to a word of verbal art. Using their internal and external voices, students will learn how to express their feelings, emotions, and experiences in a multitude of formats, leading to comfortability in performing their own work to a crowd. They will learn different formats of poetry and use their knowledge to create cohesive bodies of work.

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