Instrument Lessons

Available via Zoom, In-Person or Hybrid


Any Level Lesson 30 min.  $35


Any Level Lesson 45 min.  $45

This class is for musicians of any level that wishes to learn at their own pace.

Intermediate Lesson 60 min.  $55


This class is for intermediate musicians with demonstrated proficiency in the preparatory and beginner level interested in pursuing further study with their instrument.  Students will continue to study music theory, explore different musical styles, and play a large and exciting  repertoire of intermediate difficulty music. This class is highly recommended for individuals interested in taking Trinity graded examinations.


The intermediate stage consists of multiple sub-levels. There are no typical spans for this stage as this is where one’s individual musicianship develop.

*** Prices may vary depending on the number of weeks per quarter.

Instruments Available

  • ​Piano

  • Violin

  • Cello

  • Guitar

  • Voice

  • Flute 

  • Saxophone

  • Drums